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We are happy to welcome you to our magic club~
I am Arthur, the club leader, then there are the members Lucas and Vladimir, we spend our time practicing magic and having fun organizing activity's for all you magic fans, we also like to answer any of those magical questions you have! Don't be shy to ask us for help or simply hang out in our club room and chat.

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Magic is something you make
Arthur is the club leader, in charge of organizing the club meetings and activity's with the others help of course. He likes to practice magic in his spare time along with drinking tea and kicking back with a good detective or fantasy novel. He is a nice guy with a bit of a stubborn side but if he doesn't need to show it he wont. He refers to himself has a 'proper British Gentleman'.


Lucas Is in charge of the magic supplies like wands and books, he is also second leader so if Arthur is unable to lead, Lucas takes over till he can lead again. Norway isn't that big of a talker and is sometimes a bit antisocial around people who come into the club room. But if you get to know him he is a nice person and knows all about Norse magic and fairy tales.


Vlad is the trouble maker of the three and likes to muck around with his magic, pulling pranks on the other two. He is in charge of entertainment and games. He is charming and a smooth talker; he once spread the rumor that he was a vampire because of his chipped
tooth that looked like a fang.


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I have a question about magic.
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Jade looked at the three, she came for Lily and Rue but crashed in here instead. Jade had a small kindergarden uniform on. Her skirt was a tad dirty and her haird was messy. She looked at the three and shreeked. "People!!!" She looked for a way away.
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Walking out of the lavatories, he headed down a hallway and, making a left, saw a door he never saw before. He gasped and ran up and down the long, dark, scary hallway. "TEACHER!! TEACHER!! Insegnante, where the f*ck are-a you, d*mn it?! CHIGIII!!!"

~Time Skip~

After having run up and down the hallway for what felt like forever, Lovino plopped his tiny body down in front of the door he first saw when he entered the hallway. There he began to cry. "I want-a Toni!! And-a Emma!! Where's-a Nonna?? Dov' l'insegnante??"
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